#24: The Puzzle of the Treatise of the Two Spirits

Join me for a close reading of the Treatise of the Two Spirits, a passage in the Community Rule that explains the origin of sin as the result of a dualistic division between the Prince of Light and the Angel of Darkness. (And yes, I’m hoarse in this episode. Change of seasons, I guess.)

This text was once thought to summarize Qumran theology, but as we will see, the Treatise of the Two Spirits is relatively unique while still paralleling different views of sin we have seen so far in this podcast. The contradictions and differences between the passages in the Treatise itself mirror the contradictions we have explored between the different views of sin reflected in various Dead Sea Scrolls and Second Temple texts.

This episode also includes a shout-out to Nehemiah Gordon for his generous support and to my editor Danilo.

Please comment on this episode to suggest topics for me to cover as the podcast continues! Already on the roster: sin and punishment, views regarding collective and inter-generational consequences of sin, and… wait for it…Hell. So send me your suggestions!

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