Dead Sea Scrolls & 2nd Temple Literature #3: Enoch – The Book of the Watchers

And we’re back! I appreciate the many of you who reached out.
I will be posting more of our discussion series on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Second Temple literature, as well as some podcast-only talks focusing on issues like the history of evil and the forming of the biblical canon.

In this episode, join our lively discussion on Enoch and the Book of the Watchers!

  • What biblical texts lie behind the Book of the Watchers?
  • What was the sin of the Watchers? (Hint: it’s more complicated than you think.)
  • How did Jews of the Second Temple period use this story to explain the Flood and the origin of all evil?
  • What does the Book of the Watchers say about the origin of evil and the consequences of sin!
  • Bonus question: What does all this have to do with Camille Pissaro?

I look forward to your comments. Please download the source sheet to follow along!

Gemara = Talmud
Tanakh = Hebrew Bible

Also, a note added after recording – in the Book of the Watchers 8:1, the Greek Syncellus manuscript adds a sentence at the end of the verse: “And the sons of men made (these things) for themselves and their wives, and they transgressed and led astray the holy ones.” This reading reflects a tradition in which knowledge is transmitted by Asael before the Watchers’ sin. This knowledge is then used by women to seduce the Watchers.

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