Call for Questions! Scripture and Canon in the Second Temple Period

As I noted in my last podcast episode, my next episode will be a bit of a departure from the standard format. I am going to discuss the nature of Scripture and “canon” in the Second Temple period.

For this I need your help! Because I’ve been working on these issues for so long, there are many points I take for granted. I don’t know what you are wondering about and I can’t know your questions until you ask them!

So please comment on this post with your questions about how the Bible was read and understood in this period, what made something a Biblical “book,” or any other question you might have. If you post your question here by the end of the day next Monday (and probably even by Tuesday morning), I should be able to address it in the Thursday podcast.

Note: if you have already posted your question on the previous episode page, you don’t need to repost. 🙂

I’m looking forward to your questions! Keep ’em coming!

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