My Works in Progress

Works in Progress

My works in progress, with current word counts.

Includes articles, reviews, and books (stay tuned). Want to know how far I’ve gotten? This is the place to check!)

For T&T Clark Encyclopaedia of Second Temple Judaism (Scheduled Release: Nov. 2016)

  1. “Enoch, Ethiopic Apocalypse of” (Complete!)
  2. “Evil” (Complete!)
  3. “Theodicy” (Complete!)


For The Jewish Annotated Apocrypha (Oxford University Press)

“Evil and Sin” (Complete! In revision.)

For Iran and Israel volume

“Iranian Influence in Second Temple Texts: Difficulty and Directions”

For ongoing volume

“Demons and Dominion: Forcing Demons into the Cosmic Order in Jubilees and the Dead Sea Scrolls”
(Word count 12/7/2016: 4,887)

For Melammu Symposium Conference Proceedings

“Spirited Evil: Persian Influence and its Limits in Second Temple Texts”
(Word Count 7/25/2016: 5,220)